Group Training:
This is our mainstream class.  This program targets all levels of fitness, and is scaled to all individuals. Our group training classes will rapidly improve your fitness on many levels. You will gain improvements in strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and much more. Our classes are one-hour long, which includes an instructed warm-up, a little time for stretching, a strength and/or skill progression movement, and then we gear up for our Daily WOD (workout of the day). Coaches will go over movements and help all athletes prepare to start the WOD. Once everyone is set, coaches will cue the start of an instructor-led, peer-driven, fun and effective workout.

This program is targeted for people who strive to get stronger and more explosive with their strength.  This class will stand out to people who like to pick up some weights and gain strength. These classes are strictly weightlifting within 3 fundamental movements: Squats, Presses, and Deadlifts. Our programming ranges within load, volume, and speed movements.

Fundamental Course:
Our hands on course aimed at teaching the fundamental movements necessary for training at Iron Fist Athletics. They are prerequisite sessions for individuals that do not have previous experience in training that is similar to our program. The program is two to three 1-hour sessions, which is privately done 1 on 1 with our coaches. This option is more individualized and more attention to the trainees.

Personal Training
We also offer personal training for individuals looking for 1 on 1 specified attention. Our coaches will work with you carefully to reach your goals whether they are: athletic training, rehabilitation, weight loss, overall fitness, mobilization, and more. Doesn’t matter age or fitness level, we will help you get to where you want.