Our facility is more than just a place where people are trying to get in a daily workout.

It is a community that offers support, motivation, inspiration, and camaraderie to achieve the highest levels of fitness.

We have a wide range of members who are looking to whip their bodies into shape. Our community greets new members with a warm, and enthusiastic welcome. Friendship, support, challenges and inspiration will be recognized daily from our coaches and members. At IFA, you will learn something new about yourself everyday and feel rejuvenated. You will notice how much you can truly accomplish, many things that you even thought were impossible. The energy and training will develop your strength, both physically and mentally. We believe that strengthening one’s body and mind, along with building a growth mindset allows a person to reach their fullest potential in all aspects of life.

Here, fitness is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle. People who train here enjoy the daily challenges and being challenges by others. Most of all, they love training with people who have the same mindset; believing that motivation is a temporary thing, and inspiration lasts forever.

Wodify is a software program that our facility uses for our membership. It offers so many different tools, including: tracking performance, viewing posted workouts, signing into classes, leaderboards, membership payments, etc. It is a great feature to track your fitness and allows membership to socially interact with one anyone. Wodify’s link is on the main page; take a tour.