Why Iron Fist Athletics?
If you are looking to get in shape, become stronger, or looking for a hobby that is going to make you feel great, come join IFA!

Our Facility
Our facility is organized, clean, and well mapped out. We are conveniently located off Main Street in Nanuet, NY. We have many different types of training equipment for our members to use, which include bumper plates, barbells, bands, chains, kettlebells, rings, ropes, yokes, sleds, atlas stones, rowers, GHD’s, battle ropes, medballs, axle bars, farmer handles, and much more!

At Iron Fist Athletics, we consider our community to be our best friends and family. We have members from all over the county that have joined us at IFA. We have a wide range of members here at IFA, some of whom are college students, busy mothers and fathers looking to whip their bodies into shape, businessmen and women, athletes, and first timers who have never worked out a day in their lives. Our community greets new members with a warm welcome and enthusiasm.

Our Training
We take pride in our knowledge and training. Our training model and programming is uniquely crafted out of care and commitment to our members. We are constantly changing our workouts so there is always something different. Anyone can do it. With the willingness to try, you will ALWAYS excel in your training. We tailor to all different genders, body types, ages, and physical capabilities. We also offer private sessions that are designed specific to your goals.

If you are interested, come visit us and take a look around!