Tuesday – SPEED

1. 30 Day Paleo Challenge starts tomorrow. To take part in the reward for the challenge, you must be weighed-in and have your photo taken at IFA. Photo standards: Shirtless(Optional for men), a tight shirt, or tank will do. If you do not want to take part in the reward, no weigh-in or photo is necessary, but we encourage all of you to do this 30-days of eating healthy.
Weigh-in and photos are Monday and Tuesday Only! 10-15 Minutes prior to all classes!
2. 2nd Annual WODism for Autism: We have asked several times for early registration from IFA members. As we know there are many of you wanting to do this event who haven’t signed up. As stated it makes organizing the event much easier for Jocelyn. Knowing this, we don’t understand why most of you are waiting to help out your fellow IFA member. That being said, registration will most likely be coming to a close once we are capped or by the first week of April.

Warm Up
Plate Arm Circles
Plate G2OH
Barbell Bent Row (Weighted)
RDL (Weighted)

5 Rounds
1 Minute M.E. KBS
1 Minute 3 Wall Climbs
Rest 1 Minute